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StandardApparatusNr Of Records  
BS EN 50525-3-41Cables <= 1 kV2Overview
GOST 20243-74Power Transformers1Overview
HD 629.1 S2Cable Connectors2Overview
HD 629.1 S2Cable Joints3Overview
HD 629.1 S2Cable Terminations2Overview
IEC / IEEE 62271-37-013Generator Circuit-Breaker7Overview
IEC 60076 (complete type test)Power Transformers81Overview
IEC 60076-11Dry-Type Power Transformers34Overview
IEC 60076-2Power Transformers17Overview
IEC 60076-2 and IEC 60076-3Power Transformers1Overview
IEC 60076-3Power Transformers16Overview
IEC 60076-5Power Transformers111Overview
IEC 60076-5 and IEC 60076-3Power Transformers5Overview
IEC 60076-6Reactors5Overview
IEC 60099-4Arresters1Overview
IEC 60214On-Load Tapchangers / Diverter Switches1Overview
IEC 60255-1Protection Relay9Overview
IEC 60282-1Current-Limiting Fuses6Overview
IEC 60353Line Traps8Overview
IEC 60383-1Insulators for overhead lines > 1000 V2Overview
IEC 60502-1Cables <= 36 kV27Overview
IEC 60502-2Cables <= 36 kV43Overview
IEC 60502-4Cable Connectors4Overview
IEC 60502-4Cable Joints2Overview
IEC 60834-1Teleprotection terminal2Overview
IEC 60840Cables > 36 kV20Overview
IEC 61439-2 / IEC 61439-1LV Metal-Enclosed Switchgear and Controlgear Systems15Overview
IEC 61850-3Ethernet Switch19Overview
IEC 61869-2Current Transformers12Overview
IEC 61869-5Voltage Transformer1Overview
IEC 62067Cables 170 kV < Um <= 550 kV13Overview
IEC 62271-100Circuit-Breakers157Overview
IEC 62271-102Disconnectors51Overview
IEC 62271-102Earthing Switches41Overview
IEC 62271-103Switches14Overview
IEC 62271-105Switch-Fuse Combinations3Overview
IEC 62271-106Contactors / Starters2Overview
IEC 62271-109Switches1Overview
IEC 62271-110Circuit-Breakers6Overview
IEC 62271-111 / IEEE Std C37.60Automatic Circuit-Reclosers26Overview
IEC 62271-200Metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear98Overview
IEC 62271-202Metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear1Overview
IEC 62271-203Gas Insulated Switchgears => 72.5 kV10Overview
IEEE 1613Ethernet Switch1Overview
IEEE Std C37.09Circuit-Breakers18Overview
IEEE Std C37.09aCircuit-Breakers1Overview
IEEE Std C37.23Busbars / Busducts21Overview
IEEE Std C57.13Current Transformers1Overview