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Owner: Beijing Sifang Automation Co., Ltd.

Sifang Group
No. 9 Shandi 4th Street
Haidian District
Beijing 100085
Mr. T. Cui Chen Fan
telefax: +86 1062981004
e-mail: cuichenfan@sf-auto.com

Standard: IEC 60255-1 (Protection Relay)
UnomInomFnomUaux Designation Certificate number Cert. type Contents Remarks
Hz Vdc / Vac      Help Help  
100/110 1/5 50/60 100-250 Protection and control IEC type CSC-211, Line distance protection IED type CSC-101 and Line differential protection IED type CSC-103. 1617-19    
100/110 1/5 50/60 100-250 Distributed busbar protection IED type CSC-150 main unit and CSC-211 bay-unit 1685-19