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Owner: SGB Regensburg (Starkstrom Gerätebau GmbH)

SGB Regensburg (Starkstrom Gerätebau GmbH)
Ohmstrasse 10
D-93055 Regensburg
Hamid Ouaffi
Phone: 49 941 78416132
Email: hamid.ouaffi@sgb-trafo.de

Standard: IEC 60076-5
Primary voltage (low)Primary voltage (high)Secondary voltage (low)Secondary voltage (high)PowerFrequencyConnection symbolType of cooling Designation Certificate number Cert. type Contents Remarks TS
kV kV kVA Hz        Help Help  
63 220 10.5   50 YNyn0d11 ONAF DOTR 120000/245 2124-14 This Certificate only applies to the transformer in 220 kV / 63 kV connection.