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Owner: Siemens Ltd. Transformer Factory

Siemens Ltd.
Transformer works
Thane Belapur Road
Airoli, Thane 400 708
Mr. Arvind Batra
telefax: +91 22 2762 8703 / +91 22 2762 8740

Standard: IEC 60076-5
Primary voltage (low)Primary voltage (high)Secondary voltage (low)Secondary voltage (high)PowerFrequencyConnection symbolType of cooling Designation Certificate number Cert. type Contents Remarks TS
kV kV kVA Hz        Help Help  
 400 2 x 11,5  120 50 YNyn0yn0 ONAN/ONAF TLSN8156 2088-14 This Certificate only applies to the transformer in HV to LV1 and LV2 connected in parallel.