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Owner: Arya Transfo Group

Arya Transfo Group
Unit 5, No. 10, 4th west Golbarg St
Fakhar Moghadam St., Dadman Blvd.
1468833846 Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Mohammad Keshavarzi
Email: m.keshavarzi@arya-transfo.com

Standard: IEC 60076 (complete type test)
Primary voltage (low)Primary voltage (high)Secondary voltage (low)Secondary voltage (high)PowerFrequencyConnection symbolType of cooling Designation Certificate number Cert. type Contents Remarks TS
kV kV kVA Hz        Help Help  
20  400  50 50  Yzn5 ONAN A three-phase distribution transformer 2215-17 a,j,k  
33  400  50 50  Yzn5 ONAN A three-phase distribution transformer 2216-17 a,j,k  
20  400  630 50 Dyn5 ONAN A three-phase distribution transformer 2214-17 a,j,k