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ApparatusStandardNr Of Records  
Cables <= 1 kVBS EN 50525-3-412Overview
Power TransformersGOST 20243-741Overview
Cable ConnectorsHD 629.1 S22Overview
Cable JointsHD 629.1 S23Overview
Cable TerminationsHD 629.1 S22Overview
Generator Circuit-BreakerIEC / IEEE 62271-37-0137Overview
Power TransformersIEC 600764Overview
Power TransformersIEC 60076 (complete type test)3Overview
Power TransformersIEC 60076 (complete type test)58Overview
Dry-Type Power TransformersIEC 60076-1126Overview
Power TransformersIEC 60076-213Overview
Power TransformersIEC 60076-315Overview
Power TransformersIEC 60076-599Overview
Power TransformersIEC 60076-5 and IEC 60076-35Overview
ReactorsIEC 60076-65Overview
ArrestersIEC 60099-41Overview
On-Load Tapchangers / Diverter SwitchesIEC 602141Overview
Protection RelayIEC 60255-14Overview
Current-Limiting FusesIEC 60282-16Overview
Line TrapsIEC 603538Overview
Insulators for overhead lines > 1000 VIEC 60383-11Overview
Insulators for overhead lines > 1000 VIEC 60383-11Overview
Cables <= 36 kVIEC 60502-123Overview
Power cables extruded insulation & accessories (> 1 kV, < 3 kV)IEC 60502-13Overview
Cables <= 36 kVIEC 60502-243Overview
Cable ConnectorsIEC 60502-44Overview
Cable JointsIEC 60502-42Overview
Teleprotection terminalIEC 60834-11Overview
Cables > 36 kVIEC 6084019Overview
Metal-Enclosed Switchgear and Controlgear SystemsIEC 61439-2 / IEC 61439-110Overview
Ethernet SwitchIEC 61850-314Overview
Current TransformersIEC 61869-210Overview
Voltage TransformerIEC 61869-51Overview
Cables 170 kV < Um <= 550 kVIEC 6206713Overview
Circuit-BreakerIEC 62271-100130Overview
DisconnectorsIEC 62271-10240Overview
Earthing SwitchesIEC 62271-10233Overview
SwitchesIEC 62271-10311Overview
Switch-Fuse CombinationsIEC 62271-1053Overview
Contactors / StartersIEC 62271-1061Overview
SwitchesIEC 62271-1091Overview
Circuit-BreakerIEC 62271-1106Overview
Automatic Circuit-ReclosersIEC 62271-111 and IEEE Std C37.6010Overview
Metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgearIEC 62271-20081Overview
Metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgearIEC 62271-20075Overview
Metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgearIEC 62271-2021Overview
Gas Insulated Switchgears => 72.5 kVIEC 62271-2038Overview
Ethernet SwitchIEEE 16131Overview
Circuit-BreakerIEEE Std C37.0915Overview
Circuit-BreakerIEEE Std C37.09a1Overview
Busbars / BusductsIEEE Std C37.2316Overview
Current TransformersIEEE Std C57.131Overview